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Indiegogo and HKGameX

Nov 13, 2015 | | Say something

Today has been a very good day, predominantly because of two brave (foolhardy?) and generous backers. Maggie Cho of this parish (HK) dropped in a fabulous $100 (thank you MC) while K. Gilbert of Epsom (of salt fame?) gave in to temporary, but much appreciated insanity to deliver a whopping $310 to the cause! Merci […more]

Still here, learning and getting stronger all the time!

So, we had this plan. ¬†Design a game, write it down, type it all up into pretty sentences, paragraphs and chapters, stick some nice pictures amongst the words and then offer it to people. ¬†And we thought, let’s do that by June 2015… So here we are in November 2015 and still no sign of […more]