Monthly Archives: May 2017

Fluffing the Crunch

After listening to Delve 112 I found myself feeling a bit wound up, not by the boys I hasten to add, but by the entitled attitude that I keep coming across in some game circles. Alex’s borrowed example of the peasant’s railgun illustrates exactly what I don’t like about some games.  There are players who […more]

Interview with Dreams.Build

1. For those who may not know you, who are you and what do you like to do? I’m Dom Parry and I like to play. I’ll play pretty much anything. Luckily both my jobs, teacher of 5-7 year olds, and role-playing game designer let me do a lot of playing! Besides that I love […more]

Guardians of the . . .oops I fell asleep.

This film committed the cardinal sin by boring me. From the opening sequence where the Baby Groot marketing campaign kicked off I thought the film was in trouble, kinda “Oh shit, they’ve played the Baby Groot card in the first scene!” This was then mirrored at the very end of the film by the credits. […more]

What do you do when you are running an RPG company?

Here is a list! Email people. Read a lot of emails from people. Read contracts. Pay lawyers to draft and redraft contracts. Skype with a lot of people (or Hangout, or Whatsapp). Read a lot of drafts of stuff. Edit a lot of drafts of stuff. Write a lot of drafts of stuff. Scrap a […more]