Why video games from before you were born were better than the stuff you drool over now!

Dec 10, 2016 | | Say something

On Twitter today I responded to a poll about films (from @NewfGames) and this resulted in an early morning viewing of The Princess Bride.  Very nice.

The film is wonderful and gets better with each viewing, but that’s not what I want to discuss, it is what the film reminded me of.  Early on a splendid Fred Savage is playing Hardball! on some sort of early console (Anyone know which?).  I remember that game.  Compared to today’s sports sims it is simplistic, limited.  Options are limited, the closest you get to “3D” is the view from the pitcher’s mound and the sound is classic 8-bit beeping!

But it’s better than RBI 1, 2, 3, 4 all the way up to 16!


Precisely because of all it’s apparent shortcomings.  The lack of verisimilitude left space for your imagination.  The game wasn’t meant to simulate the sport, it was simply a system for approximating stuff while you day dreamed of winning the World Series (which for me, a Brit raised in HK, was a mysterious competition which seemed to have not-a-lot to do with the world)!

Those 8-bit games (all 42k of them) have more in common with the dice we roll and tables we consult in our table-top RPGing than they do with the console based “RPGs” of today.

Ans that’s why they were better, they supported your fantasy, they let you dream.  Today’s games are so “immersing” that there is precious ;little room for whimsical fantasy, one is too busy worrying about your batting averages and suffering post season development stress!

The 8-bit game was a doorway out into the fantastic.  Your new stuff, looks pretty.

Lots of love DHP

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