A Tale of Nine Dragons: A Continuation

Mar 25, 2015 | | Say something

Was I in for a surprise?  Well, yes, I was.

Far from the sad, wilting hobby that I rather egotistically thought I’d find (I mean, surely roleplaying had gone inti decline without me…) I found a robust, resilient and massive indutry that was filled with strange and woderful things like storytelling RPGs and poker chips!  There were new games, tens, no scores, no hundreds of them.  TSR had died and there was a new bunch called Wizards of the Coast who were apparently so successful that Hasbro had actually bought them.

I was like Marshall Brickman in Sleeper awaking to find the world moved on.  I was astonished and I was excited.  I then did what I’d never been able to do as a young kid or even as a university student.  I bought everything I could.  I became obsessed with DriveThruRPG, it was a revelation to me.  I could buy an RPG and be reading it in less time than it used to take to scan through the ads in Adventurer magazine.

I bought Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, GURPS, Adventure Land, FATE, RuneQuest, Gamma World, Chivalry and Sorcery, Sendoku, Flashing Blades, Bushido, Don’t Rest Your Head

It was like I had a twenty year hole to fill and i was determined to do it in as short a time as possible.

And then while I was browsing through more Evil Hat products (it was The Dresden Files, I believe, which had my attention at the time) I saw a promo for Designers and Dragons on Kickstarter.  And so another revelation began.  I visited Kickstarter and there were RPG related products everywhere, and I could invest in them!

So I did.  I stuck some money into Designers and Dragons and then kindaa forgot about it.

I started an RPG club at my school.  I kept using USR with my own kids.  Things were swell.

Then, in the post came the Designers and Dragons set, Mr Appelcline’s opus.

I devoured those books.  It was as though the 70s and 80s were written about my childhood and the 90s and 00s were the full story on what I had missed.

So I had Designers and Dragons and USR swirling around in my brain, both important but still two unconnected pieces of information.  That was when the final piece fell into place.  I read  I am Mongoose, and so can you!  by Matthew Sprangue and it was the glue that bound everything together.

And that was that.  Within two days I was registering Nine Dragons as a sole ownership business, I was on Freelancer finding people with real talent that I needed and I was writing Honour.  And that’s where you find me now.  Today Honour is finally ready to go off to the editor.  It has been written, play-tested, re-written, critiqued and then rewritten again.  I have barely slept for six weeks and I have never felt quite so excited about a writing project.  It might not be the greatest RPG ever (in fact I’d be so bold as to say, it won’t be) but it is my real, honest-to-goodness contribution to the RPG world and that is what I wanted to achieve.

I’m content.

Until tomorrow when i shall start work on the next book, Drifters.  Writing RPGs is a bit like crack, very moreish…



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