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Mar 26, 2017 | | Say something

Honour RPG 2nd Edition

I’ve been working hard on the rules. The aim is to take the existing Honour rules and mechanics and make them easier to use, faster to resolve and more fun to play with!

Character creation will retain the very popular Pathways & Terms mechanic that allows you to create a detailed “pre-adventure” background for your character, but it will be streamlined to a points distribution system, allowing player to really tailor a character to what they want to play. Also the basic stats for characters become the most important number for task/combat resolution. No more working out bonuses or penalties from your stats, you just use the Physical Strength or Mental Grace or Emotional Resilience that your character has.

Combat is being addressed too. We know that while many people liked the Rounds/Moments system others found it hard to track and confusing. So we are making it simpler. No more moments. It is one attack per combatant per round, unless some special circumstance gives an extra attack. We will definitely be retaining (and possibly expanding) the super popular Combat Card based “tactical decision” element to combat. We love it, players love it and we think it makes combat in Honour more intense than any other system. Plus, those Sammy Soza cards are so lovely, you wanna use them as much as you can!

Whilst I focus on the rules and systems, Vishal Nanda has come on board as World Builder (we like to think of him as our very own Slartibartfast). To say Vish has a plethora of ideas would be a hyperbolic understatement (if that isn’t an oxymoron). He has so many ideas we may need to create a whole new game just to contain them all. Anyway, he is currently hard at work creating the many factions and clans that player characters will be able to belong to, to fight for, to die for and of course to betray in dramatic fashion!

Of course Mike Dukes is already planning new art, even as he puts the finishing touches to The Wedding Banquet, the soon to be published 1st Edition adventure. The art for that is looking awesome and Mike is consciously developing the comic book look for that and for the second edition.

So, we’re all doing our part, all we need you to do is sponsor the project and get others to do the same, because without you it simply can’t happen.



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