What do you do when you are running an RPG company?

Here is a list!

  1. Email people.
  2. Read a lot of emails from people.
  3. Read contracts.
  4. Pay lawyers to draft and redraft contracts.
  5. Skype with a lot of people (or Hangout, or Whatsapp).
  6. Read a lot of drafts of stuff.
  7. Edit a lot of drafts of stuff.
  8. Write a lot of drafts of stuff.
  9. Scrap a lot of drafts of stuff.
  10. Pay writers.
  11. Pay artists.
  12. Pay editors.
  13. Pay sculptors.
  14. Send lots of stuff for free to reviewers and podcast makers.
  15. Go on podcasts.
  16. Blog/post/tweet.
  17. Pay layout artists.
  18. Try to learn how to edit, draw, sculpt and do layout all by yourself.
  19. Fill out forms to do with tax and business registration.
  20. Start to lose your way under eight different versions of the same thing because some people don’t use Google Docs, some don’t use Word and others use WordPress to actually work in.
  21. Try to design and create and run a decent online store.
  22. Learn about currency exchange.
  23. Truly come to appreciate a good, inexpensive mail service.
  24. Try to find play testers.
  25. Wonder if card games aren’t the better financial option.
  26. Wonder if board games aren’t the easier design option.
  27. Discover that card and board games are very tricky to create.
  28. Stay up late a lot.
  29. Bore loved ones when discussing the virtues of different dice pools.
  30. Design RPGs.

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