What’s in a name?

Jun 22, 2015 | | Say something

The very first mail that Nine Dragons received as a fully incorporated company was from the HK Govt telling us that another company has questioned our use of the name, Nine Dragons.

We replied saying that as Nine Dragons is the literal translation of the Cantonese, Gaulung (commonly, Kowloon) that we felt it unreasonable for one company to claim that two-word-combo as exclusively theirs.  Had we called ourselves Kowloon RPG no-one would have had an issue with it.

We shall see what transpires.  Whatever happens, it is another exciting learning opportunity for our little company.

Apart from that the first draft came back from the editor, who very nicely and professionally pointed out that the system was terrible.  So we have been reworking that.

And the dice are real and have arrived.

We are also (because we really have cash to throw around…) considering buying an existing game and using that as a point for development.  Anyone know who owns Hong Kong Action Theater?



Honour dice with the Yin-Yang Dragon-Tiger conbination

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