Well, what a lot we’ve had to learn!

Aug 28, 2015 | | Say something

This is, without a doubt, one of the hardest things I’ve ever undertaken.  Developing an RPG is, quite simplyrsz_honour_cover_art_draft_7, extraordinarily complex!

You change one little thing over here…

…and you have to change pretty much everything over here!

None of that matters though, because the fun-to-difficulty ratio is one-to-one, overall, even a little better then that!

The other thing about all of this is that to write a book/design a game takes much more than just writing, playing, thinking a designing!  It takes learning new skills, communicating with people from all over the world (Honour has had input from various professionals based in: Australia, Armenia, Texas, New England, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, the Maldives, Brasil and Croatia.  Oh, and the UK too.

The social network super-grapevine has allowed all of this collaboration with talented professionals who we will probably never meet, and it has allowed communication with even more people.  Twitter was always a bit of a mystery to me, until Nine Dragons came along and suddenly I wasn’t alone.  I had “colleagues” who were doing very similar work to me, who had experience and kindness to offer and they were with me almost ’round the clock.  If I was stuck on a technique for layout (bloody layout) someone would have a suggestion, when I needed inspiration, folk were just 140 characters away with a little pick-me-up.

So, where are we now, where are we now…?  Well the book is finished (is so far as a book is ever finished), it is being laid out by a gifted and very reasonably priced layout-artist, the printer is demonstrating the patience of a saint and the artists have done all they can do.  And so have I.  The only thing left is to wait while the specialists do there stuff and soon, very soon, there will be a real book, with real art, and a real RPG system that players will be able to hold in their real hands and use to take very unreal adventures.

Exciting times.  Now, to get on with book two, the one that introduces temporal/spatial travel, corporate shenanigans and cappuccino machines…

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