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Nov 13, 2015 | | Say something

Today has been a very good day, predominantly because of two brave (foolhardy?) and generous backers. Maggie Cho of this parish (HK) dropped in a fabulous $100 (thank you MC) while K. Gilbert of Epsom (of salt fame?) gave in to temporary, but much appreciated insanity to deliver a whopping $310 to the cause! Merci and beaucoup to you Mrs Gilbert!

Today has also been good in that we received confirmation of our stall at the HKGameX event which runs from the 27-29 November. Not only did we get the stall, but we got upgraded to the 3mx3m standard booth! Now that might not seem like much, but it’s big news for us; it means we get a little desk, for putting desk things on, two 23W long-arm spot-lights (so we can light both our good sides at once) a 500W power socket (now I know you’re getting excited) and, best of all, two, yes that’s two, white colour folding chairs! Let me say that again: TWO WHITE COLOUR FOLDING CHAIRS! That’s literally one chair for each of the official Nine Dragons RPG Ltd staff. And only one of us is here in Hong Kong! Kinda feels like we’ve hit the big time.

If you are looking for us at HKGameX then we are at stall A10 between the wonderfully named C4Cat and Fight4Dream (clearly we have created our own little Numb3rsInOurN4mes section).

HKGameX Floor Plan

Regarding the actual game itself news is also good. We have already got copies out being play tested in the US and the UK and it looks like we might have a group here in HK ready to run the updated version through its paces this December.

The first official HonourRPG adventure, The Wedding Banquet is drafted and will be trialed at HKGameX assuming we get some players to come on board.

Finally we are looking for a company to sculpt and produce minis for the game. In fact, if we find someone then we will think about adding mini-related perks to this campaign or maybe starting a new one…

That’s your update for now. Remember, spread the word and encourage people to back us, even if it is only a dollar, it all counts!

Peace. Love. Game.


This is where we will be. Isn’t it pretty?

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