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So, we had this plan.  Design a game, write it down, type it all up into pretty sentences, paragraphs and chapters, stick some nice pictures amongst the words and then offer it to people.  And we thought, let’s do that by June 2015…


The printed PDF of Honour RPG, 270 pages of Sorcery, swords and the 21st Century!

So here we are in November 2015 and still no sign of Honour RPG, but then again, there often isn’t a sign of the terrible beast about to jump you, or the poisonous snake before it strikes!  Now, we’re not claiming that Honour RPG is going to be quite that dramatic when finally it is out in the wild, but it will give you something to get excited about.

What we can promise is that all the art is complete, that the game is being play tested bvy four groups around the world and that the text is being reviewed by one of the best editors in the business.  We can also promise that when Honour RPG is ready to go, it will be the very best product that we can offer you, that it will be as thoroughly prepared and vetted as possible.  We think it will be worth the wait.

As well as the finalization of Honour RPG here at Nine Dragons RPG we have also been working hard to create new and exciting ways for you to interact with us.  To that end we are proud to present to you:

NineDra9onsRPG will be our main news and community web presence and also will be the gateway to our second new venture:

Circle of NineDra9ons


Some of the stickers we are giving as perks for our Indiegogo campaign.

This is the all new community for friends of Nine Dragons.  Members have access to materials for play-testing months before other patrons, discounted sales (including some free gifts) and, most importantly, the opportunity to add content to future products!

But wait, there’s more, you will also get an exclusive NineDra9ons email address, all of your own which will automatically forward to the existing in-box of your choice.

Members can use there 9d9 email as a tool for taking part in the development, testing and creation of new products without having to use any existing personal or work email addresses.  You can even go the whole hog and make up business cards with the 9d9 email address and lead a double life!

So, please check out the new site and the club, and check out our new Indiegogo campaign, there’s something for everyone there!  You can find it right here.

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