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Dec 12, 2015 | | Say something

Wow! Do we love you?

Dear lovely supportive people:


It has been a remarkable few days, and amazing few last hours, for our campaign. From being close to our $800 target with a few days to go there was a sudden, unexpected but very welcome rush of support from a group of our friends and supporters.

For those of you who like numbers and graphs, here is the campaign activity info, start to finish:

campaign activty graph

As you can see we started well, had a quiet middle period and then finished strongly! So strongly in fact that we raise $500 more than our print run target! This means that we can move ahead with the print run and start looking into the miniature design too! More than we hoped for!

The other benefit to the strong finish is that it has enabled the campaign to become what Indiegogo call “In demand”. This means we can keep the campaign running and recieving backing and even use it as a sales device. So those of you who backed us during the thirty days, thank you, and we will fulfill the perks as soon as possible, and it isn’t over yet!

We still want to sell the game to as many individuals as possible, and claiming it via a perk is a great way to do that, so please, pass the link on to your contacts, especially your gaming contacts, and encourage them to check out the game and consider backing it too. The more funds raised, the better the whole game will be.

What would more backing bring?

Good question.

Well, we already have a Nihon (Japan) source-book being written by expert in all things Japanese, Amelia Laughlan. As well as being an expert on Japan Amelia is also a talented writer, an experienced role-player and a jolly good egg! Getting her book to print is one of our medium term priorities.

We have already written about the miniatures, and if any of you have seen the work of (see tooled up gorilla below) then you will know that we are looking in the correct direction! Between them and the boys at Marrow, we’re going to get something special.

gunned up gorilla

We have our first Honour RPG Official Adventure, HA1: The Wedding Banquet in the works. It has been played and played and then played some more (it was a great success at HKGameX a few weekends ago) and it is all the stronger for the input of the various players who ran characters through it. Special thanks to Casper Zweerus for his particularly useful insight into the adventure story-arc!

Finally, we are very keen to get a Player’s Handbook written and in print, we have so many ideas for making the players experience so much more! “What ideas?” we hear you cry. Ok…

1. More careers of both legitimate and illegitimate types, so characters can be developed even more before they step into the world of Pangu.

2. More skills, more martial arts, more blades and more guns!

3. More cool tech that does things that cool tech should do (see through walls, levitate stuff, create force fields, communicate with different realities, brew great tea…)

4. The ability to play demon or charmed characters as well as humans.

5. More ready to go clan sorceries and with those, a closer look at each of the clans.

And that is just the beginning…

So there you have it; The Campaign is Dead, Long Live the Campaign!

Again thanks you to all of you who backed us right off the bat, you have given far more than financial support. Let’s keep this thing going, let’s build a company together that we and Hong Kong and the world of role-playing can be proud of!

Peace. Love. Game.

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