Indiegogo about to become Indiegonegone!

Dec 31, 2015 | | Say something

Last, last, last, last, last…last chance to choose a perk and get your Honour stuff at the low Indiegogo prices! We are closing the campaign down on January 3rd, and remember, we’re in HK, so we are 8 hours ahead of the UK and anything up to 16 hours ahead of the US!

Please, if you know anyone else who has any interest in gaming, and RPGs in particular, pass on the Indiegogo link and encourage them to visit the campaign, any last minute custom and funds would be really useful!
In other news, the quest for miniatures continues and we are still hoping to do a deal with Effin Cool Minis ( but we are also running a competition to try and find some new talent! Have a look below at the submissions we have already had!
Finally, the book itself is in “polishing”. In other words I am going through painstakingly adjusting little things, then putting them back, then adjusting again and generally not sleeping much. But I love it!

Visit our new site at or and check out the range of items either available now or coming soon.

Thanks for all your Indiegogo support!

Dom, Maggie and Mike

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