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Dec 26, 2015 | | Say something

What’s happening?

Well, we are well on course for the first print run, just waiting for the editor to give the go ahead!
We have our new website up and we have an expert team working on making it look as amazing as possible!

The existing homepage…should look amazing after the revamp!

The Indiegogo page is still the best place to get your Nine Dragons paraphernalia, the perks offer the best deal you are ever going to get and once the ND Store is officially opened (after it’s revamp) the Indiegogo page will close!
The new website will incorporate the official Nine Dragons Store where you will be able to buy all things Honour!  At the moment that means posters, dice and collectible stickers, but coming soon will be:
*HonourRPG Core Rulebook
*Nihon: Land of Mountains (a Japan expansion book from Amelia Laughlan)
*Monsters and Mecha (working title)
*Honour Players’ Handbook
*The Wedding Banquet (a starter adventure for 2-6 players and one Game Master), and
*The Honour Inhuman Sticker Book
*Figures (based on the art of Mike Dukes)
Taotie Demon

Taotie Demon

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