Wow, a lot has happened!

Since last we met the actual Honour RPG Core Rule-book has become a real thing.  It is in print and it is available from our website, where you can buy it from us, or go directly to from the button on the shop page and order your own soft or hard-back copies.

It is available in PDF format from our site and both the and sites. Eventually we are hoping that the print version will also be available from those sites, we just need to get the format fine tuned!

If you want a less expensive hard-copy option the PDF combined with the 20% off code from might just be for you.  They give you the options of choosing several sizes, various bindings and there delivery service is excellent and worldwide.

(Code: 9Dragons – only works for PDFs purchased from our site or

Apart from that rather big piece of news there are also new products on the way.  Today we received the draft of Nihon and the City of Edo: Mechas, Mountains, Magic and Monsters from the frighteningly talented Amelia Sarif.  This is our first expansion book for the Honour reality, adding to the world of Pangu the nation of Nihon (the Pangu equivalent of Japan).  Nihon is a mysterious, history laden and complex land.  Shaped by conflict for almost all its history, it finds itself longing for simpler ways in the year 2022.  The royal houses are returning, the people are finding the land again, freedoms are being eroded in the name of tradition and the Inhuman who take Nihon as their home, are becoming concerned.  Add to that the mechas, the Monk class machines of peace that turned so horribly wrong and you have a land ripe for adventure and full of surprises.

Amelia really has done a great job putting this supplement together and once we have the final draft we can begin layout and structure a publication plan.

More developments include the launch of our mobile shop app and our first ever advert which should be up on any day now….  The App can be download from here:

Or it can be grabbed with this QR code:

Mobile app download code

It should look something like this (only much smaller)!

Banner PNG

So, the book is available as PDF, soft-back and hard-back; both Oxhead and Horseface minis are available at 25mm scale; the exclusive Q-Workshop Honour Dice are ready to go and we have posters and stickers to spare!  So what are you waiting for, get to our shop and get your Honour on!

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