Harder than a big rock wrapped up in Kevlar and surrounded by bouncers from some of London’s choicer nightclubs!

Getting people to notice what you are doing.  That’s quite difficult, isn’t it?

It makes me wonder (to quote Led Zepp) about who’s doing what to who and who’s left to do the noticing of what it is that we are all actually doing, but that’s just the way my brain works.

Nine Dragons is now officially 14 months old, but as many of you will know the official age of a business is like the tip of the iceberg, just a hint at the majority of the stuff under the surface.  So, just over a year and still our main priority is to not so much raise our profile as gain a profile.

Yes but amongst others like us, not the buying public.

Of course there is an underlying elephant in the subconscious here.  There is a reality that I’m hoping to avoid, that I’d rather not think about.  An evil I shall not name!  Except I shall.

Maybe our product is duff.  Maybe our game sucks.  Maybe all our work has been in vain.

Well, maybe so, but life has taught me this, there’s no such thing as a waste of time and everything you do adds value to reality (unless you are a dick and you do stuff that hurts other folk).

So, onwards and upwards.  We shall remember why we started all this, to develop an original RPG (done), to get it in print so it looks like a real thing (done) and to put Hong Kong on the RPG map as more than a backdrop for various systems, but as a producer of games!  Not yet done, but that yet is the important word.

Random ramble over. And out.


Female SWAT officer


Male SWAT officer


Yaoguai snake demon


Snake Demon in Human form


Yaoguai Wolf Demon


Yaoguai Wolf Demon in human form


Ox Head, guardian of Hell and “sword” for hire


Chen in negotiation mode



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