Been a Long Time Since We Rock’n’Rolled!

Nov 19, 2016 | | Say something

So it is November 2016, in the year of the scavenger, the season of the bitch.

It is almost a year since we published Honour and the game is doing well. Under the careful stewardship of Studio 2 it is in stores in the US and it is selling. So that’s nice.  To celebrate this very welcome success, a competition.  Email us the names of all the bands and their songs referenced in this post and you could win a prize!  First email in with all the correct info wins.  What you win remains to be seen, something cool and Hong Kongish!

What’s new, pussycat?

What’s going on? Well, we are very close to getting the Honour Japan supplement out.  In fact it should be in print and with Studio 2 by January.  So those of you who have already got your copy of Honour have something to look forward to!nihon-cover


It’s a nice day for a white wedding!

Still in development (it is written, play-tested and ready to go, except for art and stats) is The Wedding Banquet, our first official Honour adventure.  It introduces Chen, an important NPC in the world of Pangu and gives GMs the perfect way to launch a group into the action.  We are hoping that it will be ready for distribution come March 2017.20160103_230109


Whatever happened to the teenage dream?

As if that is n’t enough we are still hard at work on our first board game, Tooled Up Teenage Monster Mayhem.  We take high school stereotypes, add some powerful weaponry and then throw in some of your favourite kaiju and let the fun begin!  The game pits the teens against one another as they try to have reality rebooted in their own image.  So if you’ve ever dreamed of being a cheerleader, and kicking some quarterback butt, this might be the game for you?  No date for this one yet, but we will keep you informed.cheerleaderkrakenchainsaw


Chariots of fire . . .

Really exciting news is that we are hoping to be instrumental in the publication (actually we are hoping to get the Nine Dragons logo right on the cover) of a second edition of Chariot, the fabulous RPG from the strange and delightful mind of Howard Ingham.  Chariot is really unlike any RPG you will have played.  The setting is magical, horrific and familiar, all at the same time, the themes are important and timeless and the system is graceful and almost arcane.  In our opinion Chariot deserves to be held up with Call of Cthulhu, Runequest and Prince Valiant  as examples of how you can design a game that is elegant, playable and makes you think!chariot_cover_final1-tn


Da diddly qua qua!

Finally, we continue to develop and test and adjust and redraft our new RPG, which at the moment is know as Black Powder, but will have a lovely new name once it is finished.  It is hopefully going to be a licensed product which will allow players to enter the comic book world of the 18th Century.  We can’t say more than that, but we are very happy with the way work is going and we think that some of the ideas we are implementing for task resolution, character development and combat will really excite RPGers, both experienced and newcomers.dandy-hwm


Countess from Hong Kong

And good wishes from Hong Kong too.

See you soon!

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