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Hong Kong's Pen & Paper Role Playing Game Company

Hong Kong’s Pen & Paper Role Playing Game Company

Nine Dragons RPG Ltd is a small company based in Hong Kong.

It was established and incorporated by Dom Parry specifically to publish Role-playing Games (RPGs) and RPG related material in Hong Kong.

NDRPGLtd’s first project was Honour the RPG.  This game was designed and developed by Dom Parry, with the help of his family, friends, students and colleagues.  The colour cover art for the Honour book, and the design and art for the Inhumans in the game, were the work of Mike Dukes.  At first a freelancer working on commission for NDRPG Mike became so integral to the feel of the product that he eventually agreed to become part of the Nine Dragons team, as Director of Art.

Together, Dom and Mike are planning on developing support materials for the Honour game as well as expansions to the game.  They are also in the process of writing/drawing an Honour comic which they hope will enhance players gaming experience but also stand alone.

The name “Nine Dragons” refers to the name of the Kowloon peninsular in Hong Kong.  Kowloon is a corruption of the Cantonese Gau Lung which means Nine Dragons.  Folk history tells us that an Emperor once stopped in the area and noted the eight mighty peaks that surrounded the harbour, he remarked that this place should be called Eight Dragons and an aide piped up saying that it should really be Nine Dragons, those of the hills and, of course, the Emperor himself!

Nine Dragons will make no-one rich and might never become well known in the RPG arena, but it will continue to develop original ideas, especially those with links to Hong Kong, whether those links be in the games or the people who are creating them.

Peace.  Love.  Game.

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